What is Medical Reiki?

Medical Reiki is the use of Reiki during surgery in the operating room.  Since Reiki has no limits, the operating room is one more place where Reiki can benefit the recipient. Due to the increasing awareness of complementary therapies available to patients, Reiki has increased in popularity and hospitals are finding more patients requesting these therapies thereby adding may integrative medicine programs in response to these requests.

“As our health care system challenges institutions to offer high-quality but cost-effective service, Reiki is being recognized as an important tool to maximize patient care and minimize recovery time,” according to Libby Barnett and Maggie Babb, co-authors of Reiki Energy Medicine: Bringing Healing Touch into Home, Hospital and Hospice.

Medical Reiki has been used in the operating room for nearly a decade now in the East Coast.  Ms. Motz, an energy healer, was first to use Reiki in the operating room at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City with Dr. Mehmet Oz. The story was covered in the New York Times in August of 1995, for the extraordinary “synthesis of high-tech medicine and ancient healing wisdom.”  She has assisted Dr. Oz in the operating room during open heart surgeries and heart transplants. Ms. Motz reports that none of the 11 heart patients so treated experienced the usual postoperative depression, the bypass patients had no postoperative pain or leg weakness; and the transplant patients experienced no organ rejection. Since, Dr. Sheldon Feldman – Chief of Breast Surgery Division of New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center and the Vivian L. Milstein Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons – and many others have been, and continue to use, Medical Reiki in the operating room. This year, Dr. Feldman is starting a research fund which will allow him to publish the remarkable case studies he has experienced while using Reiki in surgery.

“We’re beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure. As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.”
— Dr. Mehmet Oz, Surgeon

Reiki and Surgery
The increasing use of Reiki has more importantly lead to more research available to Western healthcare practitioners to see quantifiable data on the use of Reiki on patients with a variety of ailments. The largest ongoing study of Reiki in the clinical setting continues to be conducted at Columbia/HCA Portsmouth Regional Hospital, Portsmouth, NH, where more than 8,000 surgical patients have been given pre/post-op Reiki treatments. Reiki is incorporated into their admission procedure and is also administered during transport to surgery.

Dr. Feldman’s Experience
Dr. Feldman has witnessed firsthand the benefits of Reiki on the patient, particularly in the operating room.  He states, “We’re all so busy during an operation with our specific tasks that we sometimes forget there is a patient there. When Raven (Reiki Master) is in the OR administering Reiki, there is someone present to take care of the patient, and every one of us is reminded why we chose our professions in the first place: we get to remember that first and foremost, we are all there as healers.”

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