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Oncology Reiki During Chemotherapy

You likely are aware of Reiki but how about Oncology Reiki?  Oncology Reiki is a special branch of energy healing with focused methods used specifically to alleviate oncology symptoms.

Today, after many years of case studies, this natural healing method is being recognized for healing cancer and symptoms associated with oncology treatments by many around the world.

Reiki is a great complementary therapy because it compliments conventional medical methods for treating cancer and has been shown to work well with these treatments.  Reiki healing is promoted by the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Kormen as a safe holistic therapy.  Another small research study by the American Cancer Society also found that patients undergoing Reiki during Cancer treatments reported less pain overall.

Oncology Reiki focuses on techniques specific to receiving oncology treatments, chemotherapy side affects, fatigue, organs to target specifically, areas to avoid and findings which would require medical attention.

Oncology patients generally report anywhere from 3-9 side affects of their oncology medical treatment.  These side affects all have specific techniques which are used by Oncology Reiki practitioners to alleviate the symptoms naturally.

Reiki is Love
Love is Wholeness
Wholeness is Balance
Balance is Wellbeing
Wellbeing is Freedom from Disease

— Dr. Mikao Usui

What Clients Say

Though there are many different side affects associated with Chemotherapy, almost all clients report fatigue.  After an Oncology Reiki sessions, clients almost always report an instant relief from fatigue, aches and general discomfort.

In addition, emotional relief can also be immediate from release of anxiety to fear.

How Does it Work?

Oncology Reiki sessions usually last 15-20 minutes longer due to the additional techniques used to alleviate side affects of Chemotherapy and the general symptoms of Cancer.  This is the only difference for clients between a general Reiki session and an Oncology Reiki session.

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