June 20, 2016

Ambassadors for Burnout Prevention

Recently we had the privilege of joining as Ambassadors for the Early Arrivals Newborn Network to offer education on burnout prevention.  This wonderful network was started by long-time nurse, now realtor, Melissa Cummings, BSN, RN.  The goals is to create a powerful network in the Southern California community in order to connect the services of members within the network to families with premature or recovering newborns in order to help them transition back to their every day lives.  Additionally, the network is leveraged to provide resources for the nurses, doctors and support staff for their dedication to the newborn ICU in gratitude for their care services.

How to Join the Network

If you’re in the Southern California community and wish to strengthen this network with your services, please visit http://earlyarrivalsnetwork.com/partners/ to sign up.

The Early Arrivals Newborn Network was created after working as a nurse with the families and staff in a neonatal intensive care unit close to San Francisco. The experiences from that time have shaped who I have become and was the jumping off point for the vision that is this network.

— Melissa Cummings, Founder

Our Contribution to Parents

For parent’s of premature or recovering newborns, we understand that this can be a very stressful time.  To alleviate this stress, we offer Energy Therapy and/or Mindfulness tools such as Meditation and Yoga.  Our goal is to offer support to these parent’s in order for them to be energized and present while fulfilling a very important role – taking care of their new baby.

Our Contribution to Healthcare Professionals

For those in care services, we offer education on self-care on an individual bases to help prevent burnout for these caring individuals as well as Mindfulness Program offers tools which can be applied daily for the hospital/healthcare faculty for long-term mental and physical wellbeing and greater job satisfaction, as shown in studies.

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