Below are testimonials from some our clients who wish to share their experience with you.  Due to HIPAA and client privacy, only our clients’ initials and location have been listed.

“During the darkest moment of my life being diagnosed with cancer, Ari came into my life like an angel from the sky!  The Reiki sessions she has given me have been like vitamin injections during my chemo treatments. She is a very knowledgeable, caring, and empathetic human being.”

B.S. from San Diego, CA

“The Mindfulness  Program it can truly change your life in a positive way. Personally I have learned a lot and benefited from it. In this short learning period  I’m becoming more aware of each moment rather than thinking about what needs to be done next and missing the moment I’m in.  I have learned to pay attention to body sensations when strong emotions arise. This practice makes me feel more calm and relaxed. One of the best things that I have learned is the benefit of Self-Compassion.  I’m so thankful that I meet the right person at the right time who guided me in this wonderful practice step by step, answering all my questions and clarifying  my concerns with a lot of patience.  Thank you”

P.A. from Costa Mesa, CA

“I have been receiving Reiki for several years from various masters. Ari truly stands out. She is a natural. I have been receiving Reiki on a regular basis at the center and recently the tuning forks and sound bath with the crystal bowls. I feel phenomenal each time I leave and it carries me until my next visit. I feel lighter, clear minded, and generally happier with each visit and always look forward to the next one. Highly recommend you try her out and experience for yourself.”

H.L. from Newport Beach, CA

“This was first experience with Reiki, and while I’m traditionally not spiritual or religious I found this experience very enlightening! I approached Ari to assist me in an ethnographic research paper regarding healing arts. She was incredible flexible with scheduling which was a life saver for me. I enjoyed my session very much and found her assessments incredibly accurate despite the lack of information or medical concerns on my end. I also watched her perform a session on my mother, who ended up being so relaxed she fell asleep!! Ari has a wonderful patient and calming energy about her that made the session very enjoyable. Would highly recommend- Especially if it’s your first time!!”

E.J. from Murrieta, CA

“Absolutely amazing service! She was exceptional to work with. Professional, personable and caring. She helped me significantly with my fibromyalgia issues”

M.M. from Newport Beach, CA

“Ari replied promptly, was very courteous and kind. She travelled to the appointment to my son. She was knowledgeable and my son felt very relaxed and enjoyed it very much. Thank you!”

R.D. from Costa Mesa, CA