We’re a center for prevention, holistic heath and self healing through Mind-Body therapy and Mindfulness.  Based in Orange County, California, our aim is to strengthen Integrative Medicine and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in the Southern California community (serving Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside).

Our goal is to help individuals, like you, reawakening the body’s natural healing abilities and remember that your body has intelligence to heal itself when you allow for this intelligence to do its work.

We use, and educate on, the mind-body connection with modalities such as Energy Healing and Sound Therapy as well as Mindfulness for an integrative approach when combined with conventional medicine.

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Inspiring Physical and Mental Self Healing Through Mindfulness and Mind-Body Therapies

Our Specialties


Use of specific energy healing techniques for oncology patients to help alleviate symptoms


Certified in using energy healing in the operating room to minimize invasiveness on the body

Infertility/ Pregnancy

Natural methods for infertility and energy healing techniques for pregnancy, labor and delivery


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programs for individuals, corporations, universities and hospitals


To integrate Western and Energy Medicine for a Holistic Approach to Wellbeing
Non-judging: A Mindful Attitude and Exercise

Non-judging is a mindful attitude and perhaps the most important. Try these exercises to attain greater inner peace

Non-judging: A Mindful Attitude and Exercise
Oncology Reiki During Chemotherapy

Oncology Reiki focuses on techniques specific to receiving oncology treatments, chemotherapy side affects, fatigue, organs to t

Oncology Reiki During Chemotherapy
Why Reiki Alone May Not Be Enough

Research over the last several decades demonstrates that you cannot separate the mind, body and spirit when it comes to your ov

Why Reiki Alone May Not Be Enough
Mindfulness for the Corporate World

Cultivating Mindfulness in a corporate environment can actually make you more productive, less reactive and loving your job!

Mindfulness for the Corporate World
Sugar Cravings: Could it be more than a sweet tooth?

Though sugar has addictive properties, what triggers that initial craving for sugar may be more than just your sweet tooth

Sugar Cravings: Could it be more than a sweet tooth?
What is Medical Reiki?

It was first performed in 1995 yet still few know about it in 2016

What is Medical Reiki?


Commitment to Equitable Treatment in all its Forms Throughout all Programs

Community Offerings

Free Reiki

For anyone with Cancer
or a terminal illness
By Appointment Only

Special Rates

For Cancer survivors,
Seniors and care providers
By Appointment Only

Community Day

Donation-based Reiki
every 2nd & 4th Friday
By Request Only

Sound Healing

Donation-based sound healing meditation Friday’s
RSVP Required